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UC browser apk About

UC Browser apk is a mobile browser from the Chinese mobile Internet company UC Web. UC Web is  Firstly launched in April 2004 as a J2MEonly application, it is available on platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian OS for Nokia, Java ME, and BlackBerry. With a huge user base in China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and continued growth in emerging regional markets, UC Browser reached 100 million global users in March 2014. According to StatCounter, the UC browser is the second most used smartphone or “mobile” web browser worldwide, passing Safari in October 2015.UC Browser is compatible with a number of operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry, and Symbian. Android represents the largest user base for the browser, with 300 million of its 500 million total on Google’s mobile OS. There are three versions of UC Browser available on Google Play, including UC Browser Mini for Android, UC Browser for Android, and UC Browser HD for Android.
UC browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology. UC Browser’s servers act as a proxy that compresses the data of web pages before sending it to users. This process helps load web content faster. The browser can adapt to the same network environments and support multi-file format downloading. In addition, UC Browser has an HTML5 web app and cloud syncing features. Google Indic Keyboard For PC

UC browser apk Download

Main Features of Uc Browser apk

Fast and stable navigation 

With UC Browser does not have this history of “hang”. Navigation a good flowing.
Fast mode
UC Browser compresses data, speeds up navigation, and saves precious MBs of your internet package.
With helps from our users, UC Browser AdBlock will block out the most annoying Ads on Main sites.
Facebook mode
This unique feature speeds up Facebook. No matter the speed of your internet, UC Browser finds a way to increase the speed.
Smart Downloading
Our servers speed up and stabilize downloads. In addition, if any dropped connections UC Browser continues downloading from the breakpoint.
Video for all tastes
UC Browser will display any movie and TV series! The menu has categories with videos for all tastes: humor, clips, girls, anime, trailers, and even war films.
Control Videos with Gestures
Volume, brightness, progress, etc. can all be controlled by gestures in UC Browser.
Night Mode
Switch to night mode to read more comfortably at night.

A light browser that’s free

UC Browser is a web browser built for low-end computers and slow connections. It comes with a dedicated download manager, cloud sync, theme customization, add-ons, and more. To create its unique browsing experience, it loads photos and links before you click them.

Smooth and simple browsing

This program can run on a wide variety of devices but is built for slow computers. In fact, if this version is too demanding on your system’s resources, you can install UC Mini as an alternative. It’s from the same company, but it pushes the required hardware limit as low as possible.

High functionality and questionable security

If you’re willing to put some of your data at risk, this is a fantastic browser. It’s fast, efficient, and optimal for anyone who is a bit behind in the technology department. Old phones, computers, and slow internet speeds aren’t a problem with UC Browser.

In the latest version, there are popular website recommendations in the tab switching window. There’s also an easier way to access the UC Browser apk news feed after reading push articles. They revamped the notification system, as well.

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UC Browser apk Awards
Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2013 – Market Leadership in Mobile Browser Market (APAC)
Best Android Browser Award 2012 – About.com
Best Mobile Browser Award 2011 – About.com